Massage, primarily as an effective application in meeting the need for human touch, continues its existence as an activity that has been going on for thousands of years. &Cedil;∵ Human contact is an important element both in instilling a sense of trust and in making one feel much better through positive electrical transmission.

I.Ö of the first known applications of massage. It is known that it was made in Ccedil and India in the 3000s. The first known written sources on this subject were handled by ancient Greek physicians. In Ancient Greek, "massein"; the word It meant kneading. As it is known, the most obvious manipulation of massage is kneading. From that period to the present, massage is an activity that has been applied in daily life with the aim of relaxation and relaxation. In addition, the therapeutic properties of massage have been used for centuries.

Indian, Chinese, Persian, Greek and Egyptians used massage for different purposes. The word origin of massage dates back to these ancient civilizations. "masser" in Hindi, "mess" in Arabic , "meshes" in Hebrew, "massein" in Greek; The words mean stroking and kneading. In ancient times, massage oils were prepared with fragrant herbs mixed with olive oil in Aegean civilizations. Homer's famous It is stated that in the Iliad Odyssey epics, the heroes rub their bodies with fragrant oils after washing. Starting from Ancient Greece, during the Roman Empire period, especially the Olympic games and all kinds of; Massage was also used during sports matches. At that time, athletes were rubbed with preparatory oil before the match.

There is more Turkish bath culture in our culture. "massage" in the form of scrubbing, arm and leg stretching, and sometimes bumping. made.

Today, all of the massage techniques that are known all over the world are of eastern origin, but western culture; It was presented to the world by the Westerners and became known by the westerners in the last 50-60 years.

Classical massage (Russian-Swedish massage) applied today began to take shape especially in the early 19th century, and in the last period of the century, characteristic massage manipulations were defined by Hoffa. Basic massage movements classified as Flavor, Petrissage, Friction, Percussion and Vibration have been developed until today and various methods have been applied. Since the foundations of massage techniques applied today are based on these five manipulation techniques, classical massage forms the basis of all other massage techniques.

Far Eastern origin massages, on the other hand, have been used for thousands of years as practices with predominant spiritual qualities, aimed at preserving the harmony in the body-spirit-thought triangle rather than western technique. has reached the sample. In addition to the tactile effect created on the body, especially with the aromatic oils used, the idea of ​​creating an effect with scent gains weight.

Real spa culture in our country; With its hot springs and Turkish baths, it has a privileged location with its own unique qualities. However, unfortunately, this rich culture has fallen into disrepute over time, and the concept of spa has been imported from the west and an interest in a completely different area has begun. However, SPA (sanus per aquam), which means health that comes with water, already exists in Turkish bath culture, all that needs to be done is to be a little more interested and brought to the fore and with today's expectations. It is to be developed by overlapping.


It is a very useful mechanical physical therapy applied with various objects. Massage gains more value in hands with medical knowledge.

Massage is performed when:
Inactivity-related edemas (watery swellings), chronic venous inflammation, lymphangitis, varicose veins, paralysis, chronic inflammation joint and joint rheumatism, destructive (degenerative) joint rheumatism, joint and joint tissue injuries (after a period of time), bone diseases that tend to heal, circulatory fractures, fat tissue, painful swelling (cellulitus), removal of edema and blood residues after trauma, strengthening muscles, tired muscles