Health and Beauty With Water

The word SPA means "Sanus Per Aqua" in Latin, meaning health that comes with water. For centuries, people have benefited from the benefits of water to the human body, and over time, they have developed treatment methods. According to the definition of the International SPA Association, "SPAs are places dedicated to making people feel good by renewing the mind, body and spirit by providing various professional services." Nowadays, SPA centers are not just places where body care is made with water; In addition to providing physical and mental health in a balanced way, activities, and appropriate meal arrangements, they have also started to provide fitness, different massages, and facial and body beauty. All kinds of methods that make people at peace with themselves are applied in SPAs.

Scientists say that the first life began in water. 78% of our body is made up of fluid. Water is the energy substance of our body, it carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain and every cell of the body through the blood circulation. Although we can live for weeks without food, when we are dehydrated, our bodies stop functioning after just a few days. The use of sea water and hot spring waters for therapeutic purposes, which is the beginning of the concept of spa, dates back to BC. It dates back to 2400 years. The benefits of curing treatments in SPAs in parallel with health are innumerable. As a result of spa treatments, metabolism is revitalized, the body is purified from toxins, the slimming process accelerates, the elasticity of the skin increases, the connective tissue of the skin tightens, the face and body gain vitality. With spa treatments, the pain in the body due to stress is relieved and the body energy is reactivated. The spa industry takes a more important place in international investments day by day.

The definition of spa means care with healing waters. Although the spa market has developed quite a bit, it is a newly developing sector in Turkey. Spa is a rapidly developing concept and continues to be featured in resort and hotel complexes around the world. The features that distinguish spa centers from other centers start from the entrance of the place. It offers spiritual and physical service to the person who comes to the center, including the cosmetic materials used from the music system and decor, from fragrant candles to the light system. Spa customers generally prefer body care programs. This care, which is applied to the person with massage techniques by combining relaxing aroma oils and pure body peeling, provides both body and spiritual relaxation. While the massage oil accelerates the blood circulation and gives vitality to the body thanks to the aromas it contains, it also purifies the skin from dead skin with pure body peeling.

7 pillars of spa

Treatments such as facials, packs and peels cleanse, condition and soothe the body and skin. In particular, they do not just go under the skin, they reach deeper, because: The better a person's appearance, the more comfortable that person will feel.

In massage therapies, the therapeutic powers that are activated by a gentle caress of the skin or by the application of a certain pressure are utilized. These massages support people to relax and unite with themselves and accelerate this process. The treatments are rooted in the traditions of different cultures, harmoniously combining ancient philosophies and modern research.

It was also known in ancient times that bodily health could not be achieved without spiritual balance. This is the starting point of modern spas that try to balance the body and soul in a relaxing environment. Ultramodern Fitness halls await those who enjoy doing sports. Activities such as Yoga and Meditation support the inner peace that is lost very quickly in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Treatments such as Reiki or Tui Na also bring harmony between the body and the brain.

The life energy flowing in our body is an important condition for strength, continuity and health. We can further strengthen this vitality with sports activities such as swimming, water gymnastics or Aerobics, best under the support of an experienced trainer. Fresh fresh air and a beautiful environment also support "that relaxation factor".

Heat and steam systems, Thalasso therapy, bath programs and hydrotherapy treatments such as hydromassage or Kneipp-style water walking help Spa visitors learn about the relaxing and regenerative properties of water.

Our commitment to nature is strengthened through the use of natural products at a Spa. This can be seen in both therapy applications and salon equipment. This type of shaped environment provides an important basis for health care and feelings of harmony and trust. Plants, sand and stones with therapeutic and relaxing effects were collected from desert regions. Minerals and algae obtained from the depths of the sea create a cleansing and nourishing effect.

Balanced Spa meals are more than just healthy eating today. The taste, smell and freshness of the additives are reminiscent of the taste of village food, which has a positive effect on the body and soul.


Stress and overwork is the disease of the age. When the hustle and bustle in big cities are added to this, the energy decreases, and his body is constantly tired and aches. There is constant fatigue. This affects the skin as well as the general appearance. We are running tired, pale, shoulders down.

Regardless of our pace of life, experts suggest finding a way to spend time for ourselves by using time correctly. Those who live in the tiring environment of big cities use spas all over the world for a short-term escape, to get rid of their daily environment.

Spas and wellness centers are one of the best and easy ways to take time for yourself and get rid of daily stress. While spa evokes treatments using water, wellness aims to feel well. Spa and wellness treatments are now combined in the same centers. You disconnect from the world and get rid of stress, albeit for a short time, completely at your own pleasure. Regular body peeling or polish, hot and humid applications such as massage, sauna, steam and hammam, moss and natural plant wraps, hydrotherapy treatments completely relax the body, relieve tension pains and are perfect for coping with stress.

There are two ways to use the spas. If you have time, you can go to one of the hotel spas with accommodation and go for a week, at least for the weekend, and get a program that suits you. According to your wish, you can get rid of toxins in this program or you can choose a full detox program. Or, with anti-stress packages, it is possible to relieve the weight of the world completely from your shoulders. If you don't have time, you can go to the daily city spas for regular treatments.

Anti stress
Such programs are especially ideal for those who experience a busy work schedule. The main purpose is to empty the mind and relax the muscles. These programs make it easier to deal with daily fatigue. At the end of the program, both your body relaxes and you rest completely and you really feel better. Many different applications are made to relax and relieve stress. Among these, steam rooms, relaxing and muscle-relaxing massages, massages that relax the joints such as thai massage, applications that support blood circulation such as sand massage, stone massage, relaxing hydrotherapy treatments, relaxing body wraps, dry and aqueous flotation - suspended in water treatments are widely used.<
Cosmetic treatments are also one of the most important parts of anti-stress programs. This type of care, which usually includes massage, combines massage movements with actives from nature and provides more intense and quick relief. you feel relieved.

The main purpose is to purify the body, to remove toxins accumulated in the body due to wrong and intense nutrition. Generally, programs based on nutrition and fluid intake are applied. In some centers, bowel washing, that is, hydrocolon therapy, is also performed. In addition to this, massage, especially lymph drainage massage and lymph drainage Algae care, is accompanied by a detox essential oil mixture. It is possible to thin the skin appearance with sea salt. Sea salt, which is in peeling form and contains bath additives, balances the moisture store in your skin. At the same time, valuable minerals and trace elements keep their effect for a long time by stimulating the metabolism. Algae extracts tighten your skin and purify your skin tissues from toxins.

Slimming and slimming
It is a program especially preferred by women. In spas, many treatments are applied together for slimming and thinning. In this way, different systems in the body and body skin are processed. If you can go to a spa where you will stay for a week or two, care programs are also supported by a balanced diet. In order to lose weight, treatments that accelerate metabolism, body wraps, hydrotherapy applications, vacuum-pump machines that can perform lymphatic drainage and reflexology such as Stravac, and bioptronic systems such as Ultratone that work muscles and accelerate fat burning are used. Of course, we should not neglect to remove toxins with massage, sauna and steam. Algae baths, oxygen capsules, algae wraps are the most ideal ways to accelerate metabolism. The US FDA-approved Dynaoxy oxygen capsule, which is currently used in slimming and aesthetic centers in Turkey, is a complete metabolism accelerator that combines oxygen, heat and vibration. The combined use of all these treatments allows you to get very successful results whether you go as an accommodation or go to a spa in the city centers for 1-2 days a week. If you are going to a city spa, you should pay attention to your nutrition at home, as we all know, you should eat a balanced diet by reducing fat, carbohydrates and sugar. The centers usually give advice on balanced nutrition and sometimes diet programs.

It ensures the excretion of toxins from the cells, removes the roughness of the skin, strengthens the natural protection mechanism of the skin. You can rediscover yourself with this care, also called stress and fatigue relief therapy. When applied cold, it narrows the capillaries and accelerates fat burning. It tightens the skin and shapes the body contours.

Body tightening.
If your problem is not basically thinning or losing weight, but preventing your body from loosening and tightening, then you can choose the program that suits it. Special body tightening programs are implemented in spas

Vitality – Energy cure;
If you feel that your energy is running out, it is time to revive and it is possible to provide this in spas. Treatments in spas for energy collection start with getting rid of toxins and accelerating your metabolism. Afterwards, it helps the body to regain its balance by loading trace elements, minerals and vitamins. In some spas abroad, energy hydrotherapy treatments with energy-enhanced water are also applied..

You can also support the refreshing and energizing spa program with treatments at home. Bathing with invigorating herbs, body oils containing energizing vegetable oils, and refreshing scents will help you regain your energy.

then you can choose the appropriate program for it. Special body tightening programs are implemented in spas

For the most effective implementation of all these programs and treatments, you should initially have the body peeling or body polish remove the dead skin from the skin surface. He combines this process with massage and makes peeling application before the massage.


A trip to the spa should be a peaceful, enjoyable experience, if this is your first visit, you may not know what to expect. That's why we offer you Spa protocols and tips. It will guide you to get pampered and get the most out of your first spa experience.

* Go on time and take your time.
* Know the spa cancellation policies. Appointment scheduling is very important. If cancelled, give notice as much as possible.

Male or female therapist?
It's up to you. Spas make every effort to comply with guest requests in this regard. But during rush hour, it can be difficult to accommodate your request and keep in mind that there may only be one therapist at the spa.
* Don't forget to buy a book,
Nudity at the Spa :
If you're uncomfortable being naked, you don't have to undress completely; You can wear underwear while having a perfect massage. Second, spas will often supply disposable underwear. For the therapist, nudity is just doing her job. She doesn't see the guest's nudity while giving you a perfect therapy.

It is customary to leave it between 15 and 20 percent. You can also put it in a pre-made envelope or cash it. You can give it to the therapist, or leave it at the reception. In cases where more than one therapist services are received, you can leave or share them separately for each.

Many spas have locker rooms and lockers. But still, leave your jewelry and valuables at home to avoid any anxiety or stress.

Do not use while coming to the spa. Feel the scents of massage oils and creams.

Spas are places of health and relaxation. Smoking is prohibited in many spas and indoor areas.

Leave it at home on the way to the spa.
Cell phones
Leave phones and pagers at home or turn them off before entering the spa.

Request a tour at the spa, which will introduce you to the spa facilities, such as saunas, steam rooms, and relaxation rooms, providing you with information about the surroundings. If the spa is equipped with these offers, it will provide extensive information and promotion about the services offered, and it will be certain which treatments you will do in your mind.

Talking Loud
The choice of light, music and the size of the rooms, room temperature The ambiance of the spa determines. It would not be right to speak loudly in a quiet and clear environment, pay attention to your tone of voice. Do not hesitate to ask questions. If any part of your experience is unsatisfactory, tell the therapist first. But if the answer is unsatisfactory, speak to a spa manager or owner.

Keep the conversation light
In the lounge and elsewhere, keep conversations at a low volume.

If you have an appointment to have a treatment at the spa and you are shaving, make it at least 2 hours in advance to avoid any irritation.

Eating and drinking
It's okay to eat at least an hour before a care. Please don't come on a full stomach. And please don't drink alcohol. Drink plenty of water before and after.

Spa Sharing
Always take a shower before entering the pool, use a swimming cap when entering the swimming pool. Enjoy sauna, steam, Turkish bath and treatments.

Being respectful of the environment is part of the spa experience. Use only necessary towels; Do not waste it because those towels are washed with water and laundry detergent. Be respectful to nature and have limited resources in communities. And don't leave any trash behind.


Enter Winter Like a Bomb
The winter season is now starting to make itself felt. Many of us start to feel tired with the fall. However, it is entirely up to us to enjoy the winter as well as the summer. Here are some suggestions to warm you up on cold winter days:

Attention to seasonal changes
Seasonal changes often affect people negatively. Our body and mind come to the stage of giving up from time to time. In order to prevent the flu, it is of great importance to keep your morale high as well as medicines. Because only when your mind is relaxed, the chance of germs getting into your body decreases.

Support your blood circulation
Are you also one of those who feel tired in the morning? Then it's time to activate your circulation! Start your day with a hot shower and end your shower with cold water. It is best to massage your whole body with a brush before showering.

Sweat well
Sauna is perfect for the immune system. In the sauna, the body temperature increases by 1-2 degrees and then decreases again with the effect of the cold shower. In this way, the body gets used to the air change and does not have difficulty in transitioning from hot to cold. Our biggest problem in the winter months is to get out of the warm houses to the cold cold. These sudden changes weaken our immune system and our body becomes vulnerable to infections. Those with blood pressure problems may prefer a steam bath instead of a sauna.

Get strength from plants
Especially in this season, the immune system needs reinforcement. You can use plants for this. Linden, rosehip or chamomile tea will both warm you up in the cold winter and provide you with a healthy winter.

Vitamin C supplement
The body cannot produce vitamin C, but it needs it especially during flu season. Vitamin C protects the body against viruses and bacteria, and also strengthens the immune system. The body's daily requirement of vitamin C is 100 milligrams. If you eat 5 meals a day with fruits and vegetables, you will meet the vitamin C your body needs. But considering that you do not eat this way every day, it becomes important to supplement with vitamin C. The point you should pay attention to is that you do not take vitamin C supplements all at once, but in small amounts. Because the body cannot easily store vitamin C. Sudden vitamin C supplementation is also useless in this case.

Remove stress from your life
Panic, irritability, irritability and daily problems... All of these both get on your nerves and stress you out. Stress causes your body to produce too much cortisone, which weakens your immune system. By avoiding or minimizing stress, you are doing your immune system a huge favor. You should take care of yourself and take time to rest during the day. Just close your eyes for five minutes and rest is enough. Don't forget to breathe deeply at the same time. If you get the opportunity, you can even take a nap for 15 minutes. You should not neglect sports or at least walking on a regular basis.

The power of zinc and green tea
The relaxing effect of green tea is now known by everyone. Now, a new dual agenda with a relaxing effect is on the agenda; green tea and zinc. This combination has a strengthening effect on the immune system. The plant substances contained in green tea protect organisms against bacteria. Zinc, on the other hand, protects the body against colds and reduces the pain that occurs in case of illness. Zinc; It is found in cheese, egg yolk, oatmeal, tropical fruits and chicken wings.

Protect yourself from the flu
In addition to the common cold or a flu infection, the flu, which is transmitted by the virus, can have dangerous consequences. The best way to prevent this type of flu is to get vaccinated. It is beneficial to repeat your vaccination every year. Experts, especially  It states that people over the age of 60 should definitely get the flu vaccine. If you work in a job where you are constantly with people or if you have a chronic disease, you should definitely not neglect to get vaccinated.

The power of cold water
Cold water increases the body's resistance, supports blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. At the same time, it provides the reproduction of cells that strengthen the defense system. These cells prevent the viruses that predispose the disease from entering the body. Run the pressurized cold water over your body, starting with one foot, all the way up to your heart. After this cold shower 10-15 minutes. rest in your bed. If the idea of ​​a cold shower is not appealing to you this season, you can soak a washcloth in cold water and apply it to your body

After all, massage
Any kind of massage applied to the body both relaxes you mentally and increases your concentration power. Acupuncture massages, especially applied to the feet, relax your body.

Let's play sports
Cold and dark winter days greatly affect our psychology. Many people feel down, nervous, or do not want to do anything. The best thing that will make you happy is doing sports. No, no, by sports we do not mean sports that will put you in trouble and tire you. On the contrary, the types of sports that will relax and delight you. 20 minutes 2-3 times a week. How about cycling or jogging? Or swimming in an indoor pool when it's raining outside? Such sports not only strengthen your immune system, but also make your body release endorphins.

Mint makes you happy
Are you tired, sluggish and listless? Then how about resorting to "crone" drugs? Add fresh or dried mint leaves to half a cup of boiling milk. 3-5 min. Wait for it to absorb and drink before it cools down. Etheric oils or mint have a relaxing and refreshing effect. If you don't like milk too much, you can also add mint leaves to dark tea. Mint leaves for a maximum of 3 minutes. Leave it in the tea.

Smell the pleasure
Good smells always make people happy. If you feel down on cold winter days and nights, you can turn to etheric oils. Especially lemon, bergamot, mint and rosemary scents are ideal. In this regard, you can choose scented candles or scent lamps. There is a candle at the bottom of the scent lamps, you drip etheric oil on top of it, and the smell of etheric oil makes your whole room fragrant with the effect of heat. The effects of oils are strong, so turn off the scent lamps before going to bed.

Strengthen your nerves

Stress and problems are the worst enemies of nerves. They almost steal the body's nutrients and cause the organism to become weak. The most effective way to get rid of stress is vitamin B. Vitamin B is good for the nerves and is found in nuts, meat, green vegetables, potatoes and bananas. When you feel very angry, eat a handful of peanuts or walnuts. Your nerves are relaxed.

No more red noses
Stuffy and red noses are a common sight in winter. From this it becomes difficult to breathe, and when breathing through the mouth, the throat becomes dry and with it begins pain. With frequent use of nasal drops, after a while they begin to damage the mucous membrane. In this case, you can choose natural, sea water sprays. Salt water moisturizes the stuffy and dry nose and allows the damaged mucosa to renew itself.

Take care of your sleep
Good sleep is essential for a healthy immune system. Because the organism renews itself during the night and gathers strength for the new day. You need to sleep at least 6, at most 8 hours to have a fit day. If you have trouble sleeping, you can do something for yourself. Before going to bed, fill the tub with warm water and relax in it, or add some honey to a glass of hot milk and drink it. Take care to eat something light in the evenings.

Don't forget the gloves and hat
Our head is one of the most sensitive organs of our body. Most of those who go out without a hat in cold weather invite colds. As soon as the body temperature drops, it occurs in the veins and the hands and feet start to get cold. When the feet start to feel cold, the throat starts to dry up through nerve reflexes and thus disease-causing viruses enter the body. Foods that cheer your soul Chocolate is an indispensable part of our lives. Especially in winter, our desire for chocolate increases even more. Because the sweet substances in chocolate stimulate the secretion of serotonin, the happiness hormone. If we think that we need to enjoy ourselves, especially in the dark winter days and nights, it becomes more difficult to suppress our desire for chocolate.

Do not run away from light and color
We are usually sad in the winter season. Some people even become depressed or often depressed. The biggest reason for this is limited daylight. At such times, the body begins to produce more of the hormone melatonin, which causes us to be unhappy. To avoid this, it is useful to supplement with light and color. Instead of sitting by candlelight in the evening, prefer to sit in bright light. Make sure that strong colors such as yellow and red dominate the place you are in and wear colorful clothes.

Follow the cabbage method
It's freezing cold outside and swelteringly hot indoors. Unfortunately, we often have problems in the winter season. These sudden changes weaken our immune system and pave the way for infections. In this case, it is best to apply the cabbage method. Dress in layers according to the cold weather and take off your excess as soon as you start to warm up. You should be especially careful with children. Because kindergartens are often very hot and children may sweat while playing.

Pay attention to air conditioners
Now you are in a period when you need to apply a special care to your skin. In cold winter days, the skin needs more sensitive care and protection than in summer. To protect yourself from wind and cold, you should regularly apply cream to your face. The most ideal are creams containing water and oil.