About Us

As Sentinus Spa, we set out to provide you with the best service. Keeping the spirit of spa at the forefront, we show the same value and interest in all their treatments and aim to present the new generation spa style in the best way by ensuring that all your treatments are of the same service quality. Our team of masseuses and masseuses who are experts in their work, our SPA Center, where hygiene is at the forefront and specially designed for your comfort, will make you feel healthy and comfortable, away from everything, with our simple atmosphere that will keep you away from the stress of the day.

Natali Bal Duvarci


Born in Istanbul in 1971 as the only child of her family, Natali Bal Muralcı graduated from Nişantaşı Girls' High School. Then she worked as an esthetician in a beauty salon for about 1 year. Then it was 1993 when he started his career as a product specialist for ROSA GRAF Brand in INANIR GROUP, which was the turning point of his life. Natali continued her successful work in the company as assistant product manager about 1 year later and responsible for the product STAGECOLOR 6 months later. While INANIR GROUP is growing rapidly in the sector, Natali has started to rise in the success steps by constantly improving herself with her beloved company, getting her vocational training from the experts of the companies they work with abroad, and using this knowledge and experience in her business.

Natali, who took responsibility for many brands within the company, was recently appointed as the product manager of the world-famous BABOR brand, one of the most important brands of the company, perhaps the flagship of the company. In order to introduce and explain BABOR to all its dealers in TURKEY in the best and correct way, it has organized continuous trainings, meetings and seminars and ensured that people have accurate information about this product. For example, it has successfully carried out product training and promotion organizations at Dubai Burj el Arab hotel's Spa and Lagos Sheraton Spa. Natali, who is happily married in parallel with her successful business life, which continues at an intense pace, is also the mother of a child. Natali, who finished her 18-year working life in INANIR GROUP by retiring in 2011, founded her own company and started to operate a Spa in the same year. Natali is currently running the Spas of 3 hotels in Istanbul (Harbiye HILTON Hotel- Sirkeci LEVNI Hotel & Spa - Çemberlitaş INNOVA Sultanahmet Hotel) and knowing that the support of Mr. DURSUN AND NESLIHAN INANIR, with whom she has worked for years, is with her until the end.

Our vision

From ancient times to the present day, they enjoyed the relaxation and rest of the mind and spirit. The rituals they practice have been passed down from generation to generation, and these sacred traditions have inspired all of our special therapies. The purpose of the SPA is to create an oasis of calmness where these senses come alive and where the old and new rejuvenating arts are practiced by experienced professionals.

Today, the importance of having spiritual, mental and physical vigor in fitness and spa centers is increasing. Being aware of this, the design concepts of SPA centers are structured in ways that aim to create a sense of vigor and serenity, both visually and mentally, as well as functionality. The SPA centers, united under the motto of "Diversity of Touch", aim to make you feel peace and serenity by synthesizing it with a healthy and vigorous life.

Job application

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