We produce turnkey solutions..
Spa' All types used in we supply machinery and auxiliary materials of the highest quality..
We offer spa cosmetics from around the world..
We have a wide portfolio to solve the staffing needs..
We support spa management with our therapist trainings and sales trainings..

1. Creating the concept and design of the spa

The concept emerges from meetings with investors and managers:
We give ideas about the design. We determine the right ambiance, environment plan and process track.

The treatment track plays a very important role in the effectiveness of the spa:
In order to combine and marry the spa with the general concept of the hotel; We work in close cooperation with the architect.
(Note: We do not draw technical drawings).

2.Turning the Spa concept from idea to reality

We work with the architect on the plan. We make frequent and regular visits to the construction site. The power of the concept and its success depends on the harmonious creation of the application model, transaction track and customer services.
In the spa we use all the senses: smell, sound, touch, feeling, taste, visual. We create a harmonic and balanced environment compatible with the concept.
Therapist, receptionist, spa manager who will work at the spa; We help with the creation, training and supervision of the entire team, including. 
We choose the product to be used, equipment, device, aromatic oil, personnel clothes, accessories and beverages to be served.
We help the hotel to open the spa, and the daily operation to be carried out regularly.
We give marketing advice, we prepare the forecasts.

We manage all operations from design to opening, including planning, training and establishment. 

3.To assist management, to improve supervision and spa

Spa manager; We manage all operations with daily/weekly connections and analyze the problems that occur.
After the spa becomes self-managed, the spa should be operated for at least three days a year. We visit once, evaluate the quality of services, prepare a report and make the necessary changes.
We advise on the recruitment of new therapists, create new practice menus and marketing strategies.
We help to promote and present fashion practices, new trend care, products and equipment in the spa industry.