Sentinus Massage

With the massage applied to the body, tissues and cells are revitalized by increasing the circulation rate.

About Us

Natali Bal Duvarci

As Sentinus Spa, we set out to provide you with the best service. Keeping the spirit of spa at the forefront, we show the same value and interest in all their treatments and aim to present the new generation spa style in the best way by ensuring that all your treatments are of the same service quality. Our team of masseuses and masseuses who are experts in their work, our SPA Center, where hygiene is at the forefront and specially designed for your comfort, will make you feel healthy and comfortable, away from everything, with our simple atmosphere that will keep you away from the stress of the day.

More Information
A trip to the spa should be a peaceful, blissful experience, if this is your first visit, you may not know what to expect.